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The Dead Fandom Fanfic Society

They live on...

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A place for fics of dead and obscure fandoms to shine.
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Welcome to The Dead Fandom Fanfic Society. We hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to browse around the place.


We are a low pressure fanfic challenge community for obscure fandoms that don't get nearly enough love, or have slipped through the cracks of time. Fanfiction from dead and cancelled shows, as well as obscure books, movies and tv shows are more than welcome here.

Still in love with a forgotten old tv show or out of print book? In love with a fandom and no one seems to care? Think you might be interested? Good, here's what to do:

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1. Join our little family.

2. Done that, excellent. First go to our Claims and prompt list. Here you'll see a number of prompt tables, They come in three different sizes and in several different fruity flavours. The tables can also be mixed and matched and interpreted in anyway you want. Pick a table, any table.

3. Got your table? Excellent. Copy and paste the table on your LJ and comment back in the claims and prompt list with link and the fandom you have selected.

4. Post your fic, icons, art, or link back to it in the journal. As an example, your tag for the entry should look like this: Your Username:, Your Fandom: - There is a one hundred word bare minimum for fics.

5. Once you've completed your challenge, give us a shout in the header of your last entry and we'll see about getting you a nice shiny banner.


1. Headers for your entries should look like this:

Word Count:

2. We are gen and slash friendly, be respectful of that. Flaming is uncool and will get you banned from this community.

3. There's no age restrictions for the community, but all entries that lean toward the smutty side should be f-locked and marked as 'Adult Content'.

4. Any number of people can do the same claim at any one time or any number of claims. It's all good.

5. There is no time limit on the challenge whatsoever.

If you have any other questions pm me and I'll try to answer you the best I can. :)


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PM me if you're interested in becoming an affiliate.:)

Dreamwidth sister site: [community profile] dead_fandoms